About Learner Mama

Hi! I’m Lucy aka Learner Mama! I am Irish and live in Dublin.  I am married with three beautiful kids and while I used to work full-time I recently took a career break from work. Why? Because I wanted to spend time with my kids while they are young – time flies and they grow fast. Of course I also wanted to spend more time blogging my way through the experience.

When I first became pregnant I hadn’t a clue! In fact I hadn’t even held a newborn baby.  Had I bought a car I would have had to get a license to ensure I was competent to drive and until that time signal my inexperience with a large “L” plate.  Yet here I was with a new life developing within me and no one was going to stop me!

I managed to feel my way through pregnancy and before I knew it I was left holding the baby – literally.  As a new mum I was on a steep learning curve but gradually got into the swing of things.  By the time I fell pregnant on my second I felt a new sense of confidence.  I knew what to expect (generally) and was more relaxed.

Had I known the things I knew on my second the first time around the first experience would have been so much easier!  Of course by number three I am now starting to develop my confidence in myself as a mother – in the same way that after passing my driving test and driving for a number of years I feel relatively confident behind the wheel.

So, in the hope that I can provide some tips and guidance to any new mums or mums-to-be through my own experiences Learner Mama was born.

If there is anything you would like to see on the site or if you have any feedback please contact me.

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Lucy x