The Big (and Not So Big) Move

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We recently moved house.  I’d love to say it was as easy in reality as it was to type that first sentence.  Sadly, the reality was it was an all-out stress-fest for a year.  Which probably explains the lack of blogging. 

If you are looking for a guide on how to go sale agreed on a house I could probably write one; provided it didn’t have to include how to actually complete the sale.  There would even be a bonus chapter on how to lose the buyer of your own house, just as you go sale agreed on a potential purchase.  Suffice to say the journey to our new house was a long one.

I won’t bore you with details but let’s just say we went sale agreed on 3 houses and eventually, having being sale agreed on the third one for 7 months with no progress, went sale agreed on a fourth (and final) house and we have now moved into it.

Is it my absolute dream house? I don’t mean this in a bad way but it’s probably not.  Is it the absolute perfect house for us within our budget? Absolutely, yes.

Did it feel completely right to move into? Absolutely, yes. It ticks every box I was after in a new house, location wise is perfect and I am looking forward to spending many happy years here.

I have learned an awful lot about the business of buying and selling houses.  Aside from all the practical lessons (which I may, one day, share in a post once I have recovered), one of the biggest lessons I learned is to listen to your gut.  When you find the house that is right for you, it will tell you. It will just feel right.

This house was a no-brainer. Now to spend the next year unpacking and organising (I may take you on some of that journey so watch this space) as well as many trips to IKEA (there have already been a few!).

In a less big move, for anyone familiar with Learner Mama, you will notice my new look (if at this stage you can even remember the old one!).  Given I was dusting off the cobwebs it seemed right to put a fresh coat of paint on the blog with a brand new theme. Back on the blogging horse.

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