5 (simple) playroom ideas

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After we converted our attic space we still had one issue.  Our stock of toys were everywhere.  I really wanted a dedicated space not only to attempt to try to contain our stock of toys in one area but for the kids to go and play, particularly for as they get older and want to have friends around with a little privacy. My lounge could then be just that;  a place to lounge.  A relaxing, comfortable space to wind down after a long day.  We decided to add a small extension onto our house about two years ago and it was earmarked as a playroom for the kids.

The build went well and within 2 months we had a shell of a room.  A blank canvas.  The walls were painted and the new wooden floor sanded and varnished and we were left with the task of setting up the room in a way to store LOTS of toys, leave space to actually play and also an area to just chill and watch a DVD.  My house is as far from Pinterest as you will get.  This is a real life playroom so here are five ways we made our playroom fun but practical (so in other words non-Pinterest-worthy):

1. Expedit units with non transparent boxes

Nope, I don’t want to see all the crap that I pile into boxes so I totally avoid clear boxes.  To try to show some semblance of tidiness I use black Drona boxes from IKEA.

drona black ikea

They fit perfectly into our IKEA Expedit units.  We have two units laid out in a sideways “L” shape.  It gives 16 storage areas for all our junk toys.

2. (Personalised) foam mats on the floor

We decided to protect the newly varnished wooden floor from toy attack by effectively covering most of the floor in alphabet floor mats.  Just to add a little fun I incorporated the kids names and words such as “FUN” and “PLAY” when I was laying the mats down.

Simple, but a nice touch and our floor underneath is still as good as new.  Shame about the rest of the downstairs!!

The only issue I find with them is that they get so dirty so fast, particularly as the room has doors out to the garden so mud and grime gets walked in and they are pain to wash.

3. A gallery art wall

IKEA is great for frames.  These colourful ones are great for kids artwork and placing in a playroom.

The artwork can be changed out regularly (though mine are well overdue a change!)

4. Front facing book shelves

I promise my playroom is not sponsored by Ikea but these photo ledges became great book shelves.  They sit above the couch so they can turn around and grab a book or stand on the couch to reach the higher ones!!

5. Chill out zone

We bought a very small couch for the kids to just sit and chill.  There is a TV and DVD player and of course they can grab a book from behind them.


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