Au Pair back with a bang!

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So the Christmas holidays are over. We are back to work and our au pair, who had been back in Spain for the holidays landed back to (rainy) Dublin. She arrived back at our house around 12.30 pm, giving her 1 hour to grab a bite to eat before heading off to start the pick up of the kids. She starts at the school, collecting our oldest daughter before the two of them walk to the crèche to collect our son, who is doing his pre school place in the Montessori there and our baby girl who is upstairs in the baby room.

Having successfully collected our daughter and son the au pair headed up to the baby room to do the final pick up. Our son bounded up the stairs and launched into the baby room only to trip over himself and smack his head off a little table in the room!

The crying started while the blood flowed but thankfully the crèche staff were on hand with ice packs and plasters and he was patched up and brought home to rest.

Hour one of our au pair’s return complete…….am sure she hopes the rest of them are not as eventful! Welcome back to Ireland 🙂 I’m sure you missed your crazy Irish family 🙂

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