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No, I’m not planning to tattoo my kids any time soon but actually draw their bodies. Well just an outline really.

Towards the end of the last school year my oldest daughter had to go to another class as her teacher was out sick.  While in that class they did art.  She came home full of excitement about her new artwork that she just had to have everyone do at home.


Thankfully I am a big fan of the rolls of paper from IKEA and it was as simple as rolling out the paper on the ground, having the kids lie down and trace around their bodies.

body art 1

It is then just a case of letting them colour themselves in (literally); some clothes, a cool hairstyle, whatever their creative juices come up with.  In my case, with a then 2-year-old, a big pile of colourful scribbles but a very happy, fun and productive half hour.

IMG_3739body art 3

I recently picked up a brand new roll of Mala paper from IKEA which is what reminded me of this activity.  I had meant to share it here back in the summer but didn’t get around to it.  With the weather a little stormy this week it seems like a great time to revisit this activity.

Although maybe this time mine won’t be in shorts and a T-shirt and they might dress their paper selves in warmer clothes!

body art 2


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