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You may have seen my recent post about making sure to use seat belts. Unfortunately not a lot of toddlers have read it.

You may, like me, have had the experience of your toddler playing with their seat belt buckle. My two-year old is right at that stage. She takes great pleasure clicking her seat belt open. This is all very well in a stationary car but pretty hair-raising when moving. If you haven’t gotten to experience that toddler fun you may face it as some point.

So when I got an opportunity to try out a new product on the market called Beltlock I didn’t need to think twice.

When it arrived I was blown away by how small and simple the product is. I thought surely this won’t keep my little monkey in.

Photo credit: Beltlock


We gave it a go. It is very simple to use. Just pop the product over the Beltlock and shut the seat belt as normal through the space. Done!

Check out the product in action:

Overall I think it’s a great little product. So simple but so effective – my little girl was absolutely not able to open her seat belt. I thought she might have a little meltdown about it but no, she was very good about it and it has been a great lesson for her explaining why she can’t open it – especially when the car is moving.

Obviously for me I think (hope!) my days of needing it will be short but for those starting out it would be a great little investment. That said retailing at €12.99 it’s not going to break the bank for peace of mind.

It is available to buy online from and you can check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too.

As well as letting me try out the product they have given me a new one to give away to one of my readers.

If you want a chance to get your hands on a Beltlock then just enter the competition by using the Rafflecopter form below. It is open to all. The winner will be notified after the closing date and will be asked to supply a postal address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received two Beltlocks. One for the purposes of review and one for the competition. I was not otherwise paid for this post. All views are my own.


  1. My little girl is two and she is getting very interested in the seat belt and I say give another month or two she will actually be able to reach properly and undo it. I’m dreading that moment when she actually undoes it 🙁 This would solve me having a near accident from the shock of her doing that! lol

  2. Nice product review. I think this is a great idea. We’ve 3 in the back seat and my daughter or son keep accidentally undoing each others seat belts. So I could do with something like this.

    I do have a bit of concern about what happens in an accident. Would the fire brigade be able to get a car seat out quickly to get at people in the other seats? I know that someone mentioned that they didn’t like some of the other restraints used to stop kids from slipping out of their belts as they couldn’t remove them in an emergency. Do you know was this looked at?
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    • Thanks for comment Cormac. In relation to accidents I totally appreciate your concern. The undoing of the Beltlock is incredibly simple. It just requires a key (or other thin solid object) and after that the action is the same as opening it normally.

      I would imagine the fire brigade would manage it in a matter if seconds (or no doubt as in my cases without beltlock just slash the seat belt open!

      I’m not sure if the company have any particular response to this so I will raise it with them and see if there is a particular response. I will post any response here.

      It may be good for them to make emergency services aware of the product so they are aware how it works.

    • Hi Cormac, just to follow up. I contacted the company about your concern and the following was stated:
      “Beltlock is designed to be used to secure the car seat in the same way as the iso fix system. In an accident the child is not directly secured by beltlock.”
      I hope that clarifies it for you. As I mentioned myself it is very quick and easy to remove the beltlock and should the fire services need to get a seat out of the way it should only take a matter of seconds.
      Thanks again for the comment.


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