My mum passed away on the 1st of this month. While I type those words I can hardly believe them. Mum is gone. I feel as though I will wake up any minute now and realise these past few weeks have all been a horrible dream. Sadly that will not happen. Losing your mum is such a profound and fundamental loss.  The very person who brought me into this world has now left it.  My absolute constant in my life since the day I was born won’t be here to share in the highs and lows of the rest of my own life.

My mum was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas, in November. It was a big blow given we had almost lost her to a brain hemorrhage a few years ago. She just couldn’t cut a break. In true Mum style she vowed to fight and faced her chemotherapy with such bravery. It was not kind to her and left her wiped out.

She was rushed to hospital in mid April and a rollercoaster of a few weeks resulted in us being finally told she was at the end of her life.  Those final days were heartbreaking.  We spent as much time with her as possible.  Every evening we said goodbye not knowing was it the last goodbye.  In the end she slipped away peacefully during a brief moment we were asked to leave the hospital room while they attended to her.

She clearly thought she was a celebrity making her exit in 2016 aged 69.  It is certainly a year that is taking the greats.  Mum being the greatest of them all.

My mum was an amazing woman. Every positive adjective that you can think of to describe a person would work for her. She was kind, caring, thoughtful, brave, creative and inspirational. She was always thinking of others over and above herself. She was truly my role model.

There is so much I will miss; too much to mention here, but above all I will miss knowing that I have the most amazing woman at the end of the phone or a short drive away to bounce ideas off, share a problem or just have a chat about life in general. Her death leaves a giant hole in my heart but thankfully she filled my heart up with a lot of love during her time with us.

Mum quote

I love you Mum. Rest in peace.


  1. Oh Lucy,
    I’m truly heartbroken for your loss. Losing a mother must be awful, you are losing a huge key to your past and the keeper of memories of your childhood. I’m sure there will be difficult times ahead but the bond you clearly had will guide you through them. Take care of yourself xx

  2. You have written a most beautiful tribute to your Mum Lucy. I am so truly sorry for you, nothing in this world compares to what you are going through now. Treasure your wonderful memories, and as much as it is a cliché, time does help. Please be kind to yourself and give yourself this time. Much love to you xxx

  3. I’m so sorry Lucy. Your mum sounds like a wonderful lady. I can’t imagine how tough and exhausting the last few months have been for you. xx

  4. You write so beautifully Lucy and bring to life the very essence of your mum. Always thoughtful, always kind, forever graceful and elegant with an inner strength that shone through her very being. Twenty years ago, she travelled to Malaysia for our wedding. She bought us two stunning sets of crystal wine glasses. I said, I would have to keep them for a special occasion and she looked at me, smiled and said…… Helen, everyday is a special occasion, enjoy them. I have never ever forgotten that though being young at the time, I did not fully appreciate it. Through the journey of life, I understood. A mothers wisdom, how right she was and how I have used those beautiful glasses.

    I am truly sorry for your pain and for the loss of your beautiful mum. Sending love and know you are in the thoughts and hearts of many. Keep writing Lucy. xxx


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