Tips for making the most of a day out at Tayto Park

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It is now just over three years since our first visit to Tayto Park.  At that visit we bought a membership card and we have gone on to renew it each year.  There have been plenty of visits where I have kicked myself for not doing something or bringing something.  If you are planning a trip to Tayto Park learn from my mistakes.  Here are some of my tips for making the most out of a day a Tayto Park and have some fabulous memories.

Check the weather forecast before you go

Tayto Park is an outdoor location so if there is rain in the forecast it is not going to make for a very pleasant day.  A slightly cloudy day is probably best as on very sunny days it can get very warm there but whatever the weather just try to avoid a wet day!

sun shine Tayto Park

Arrive early and/or go off-peak

Try to arrive early in the day especially if you are going on the weekend, before it gets really busy.  It tends to really start to fill up around noon so getting there for opening or slightly afterwards is ideal.

Even better try to arrive early on a weekday.  What is great about going on a week day is you get to do the Factory Tour when the factory is actually operating.  Weekdays do get busy over summer months and holidays but not as much as weekends.

Consider a wristband

The last number of years has seen a lot of paid attractions opening up around the park. Obviously it is a commercial enterprise so while frustrating totally understandable.  There is still a lot to do for free but if you think you or your kids will want to do a number of the paid rides and attractions consider getting the wristband that Tayto Park sell for €15 but allows unlimited use of almost all the paid items.  When you consider that one go on each paid item would cost €66 then it makes sense.

However if your kids are smaller there will be lots of rides they won’t be able to go on so in this case maybe buying a set of tokens (that are used to pay for the rides) and setting a budget for each child.  We have days we go and we tell each of our three that they can have 2 paid rides or €5 worth of tokens each.  We have yet to buy them a wristband but as they are now getting bigger I think the day is coming!

Bring a picnic

Tayto Park is the type of place you can make a day of.  If you arrive early you could easily spend until 2/3pm without thinking about it and likely longer.  While there are loads of places to eat (we love the Outback and the Pizza place) bringing a picnic is certainly more cost-effective and there are plenty of places to sit and eat.

Tayto Park Picnic

Pack a bag

As well as a picnic bag there are a few other things that you should bring to make your day great.  First off it if is sunny make sure to pack some sun tan lotion.  As I said earlier when it is warm it can get very hot around the park.

There are a number of water areas in the park so bringing either a change of clothes or swim wear will allow you and your kids take full advantage.  Make sure to throw a towel in too!

There will be lots of fun had and you will want to capture them so make sure to bring your camera!

Tayto Park

Keep safe and have fun!

Finally Tayto Park is a huge park and often very busy make sure to keep yourself and your kids safe.  Make sure to agree a meeting point if you get separated and for younger kids ensure they have a contact number on them.  There are wrist tags at the reception area to fill in and give to your kids in case they are lost.

Above all else have fun and don’t forget your crisps on the way out!  It is a great day out for all the family.

All the information about the park can be found on their website

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this and we pay for our own membership card each year.


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