A lovely winter day walk

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Gosh, it hasn’t stopped raining much lately – the ground is so water logged and muddy but today the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  Ok it is still cold – we are not breaking out the shorts and tee shirts just yet but there is nothing nicer than going for a walk, all wrapped up, in the winter sunshine.


For the kids its a great chance to get out and either walk, run, cycle or take their scooter.  Sometimes we have a doll buggy come along too!

Today we had some bottles to recyle so we packed up the kids – our oldest took her new bike that she got for her birthday (just 3 days before christmas), our middle little man took his scooter – he has a bike but just hasn’t “gotten it” just yet and our little 15 month lady was put in her pushable trike.

Everyone had a blast and we did our bit for the environment by clearing out all remnants of glass hanging around the house.

….only problem is the fresh air just takes it right out of me…..cue sneaky nap on couch while kids watch some children’s tv (and given our outing I can feel guilt free about that!)


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