The Birth-weekend

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I am in the middle of a birth-weekend. Not mine I might add. It was my little man’s birthday yesterday. He was six. It’s hard to believe how the time flies when you have kids. Seems like yesterday he was a squishy newborn in my arms.

Of course there had to be celebrations. He wanted a party with his school friends. I have no issue with that. He chose Nzone in Kinsealy. As his birthday was a Friday I thought we could do the party after school, say 4pm – 6pm but Nzone only do parties on a Saturday or Sunday. Added to the complications is the fact that another boy in his class has his birthday on the 21st, so today.

Having discussed plans with the other mum we agreed to take a Sunday birthday party so as not to take over the other boy’s birthday. A slot in Nzone was booked for 11am – 1pm and we arranged for our respective families to come to our house for 3pm for drinks and nibbles. I am a glutton for punishment given the joy of an external venue party is not having to prepare the house and then deal with clean up!

With his birthday yesterday (Friday) I felt it had to be marked, even just amongst ourselves. So with school in the morning we headed to our favourite playcentre PJ’s for a play after school and then off to our favourite local Italian Pasta Castello last night.

He had a lovely day but the celebrations were to continue. His friend invited him to his birthday today to Jump Zone in Santry where he had a great time and we are now in the process of making the house presentable for the onslaught tomorrow. Everything has to be ready this evening so that we can just get up tomorrow morning, grab breakfast and get ready to get out the door.

It will be a hyper day tomorrow. Two hours of Nzone party time with 19 other boys (God help me) before coming home to face nine adults and 4 kids joining the five of us.

By tomorrow evening the crash will no doubt come but I am hoping it will mark the end of a fabulous birth-weekend for my little man who, as middle child, sometimes gets a little neglected but whom we love unconditionally.

Happy birthday little man xx


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