Call the Doctor! There are questions and more questions!

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My oldest daughter asks a lot of questions.  And I mean a lot.  You delight in your child learning to speak but once the “what’s that?” comes along you start on the slippery slope to constant questioning.  Before you know it along comes the why? then the how?!  It is just constant.  At the end of the day though it is a key part of how kids learn.

Last night I was bombarded.  She was just out of the bath and was tired.  My girl’s questions revolved around yawning and wrinkly skin!  I was tired too but thankfully a flash of inspiration.  I had recalled a fellow blogger Dr Hows Science Wows introduce a new feature on her blog called A simple slice of science.   An answer to a science question in 30 seconds from Dr Simple.  So I did what every great mother should do in those circumstances – I sent on the questions to Dr. Simple to answer.


Meet Dr Simple.  Image courtesy of

Meet Dr Simple. Image courtesy of

We, in this house, are loving this series and while only just beginning we have, so far, learned about hiccups (a massive pet hate of mine), why we can’t tickle ourselves and also about what makes the wind.  My daughter is very happy to wait and see if Dr Simple can provide some answers.

Keep an eye out for more great analysis of kids constant questions and I am sure Dr Simple would love to hear what your child is asking about!  Just click on his image above.

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