Cinema time: Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy

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We love a trip to the cinema. I have brought my oldest two a few times in the last 6-12 months. Since my little man turned 4 he is at the ideal age for cinema going. My littlest lady however had never been until an invite came along from Disney Ireland to see a preview of the new Tinkerbell movie “Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy”. I thought this just might be the perfect opportunity for a full family trip to the cinema.

My oldest first went to the cinema at 4 years and 3 months at which point we brought our just turned 2 year old along also. We got lucky at that stage as we ended up with the cinema to ourselves so after 45 minutes, when all out of popcorn, little man started running up and down steps we didn’t mind!

Roll on almost 3 years and little man is well able to sit still. The challenge was going to be our baby girl. As it was her first trip to the cinema it was hard to know what to expect. She is generally quite good and follows the lead of big brother and sister which is great for things like not running off and behaving less like a 2 year old in public places but not so great when she wants to do things she is far too young for ‘because Emily is doing it!’.

So we all set off on the Saturday morning of the show. There was much excitement about being one of the first in Ireland to see the movie. We arrived at the Cineworld complex on Parnell Street Dublin. It’s a cinema complex I hadn’t been to in years and I was impressed with it. We had plenty of time until the start of the show so time to grab popcorn, drinks and sweets.

We took our seats near enough the back of the auditorium and as it was a 3D movie the kids donned their shades. I thought this is never going to last. When my oldest was 4 1/2 we went to a 3D showing of Cars 2 and the glasses were off in minutes!

Visit to the cinema

First trip to the cinema

They surprised me. My oldest two stayed glued eating popcorn with glasses in place for the whole thing. The littlest lady as expected got a little distracted and the glasses were off about 10 minutes in and for the last 20 minutes was up and down on her seat and mooching around.

The movie itself was good. We have a couple of the other Tinkerbell DVD’s at home and we did go through a phase of watching them almost constantly so I thought I might feel queasy at the sight of Tinkerbell, but no. It was quite palatable! First, it is only 78 minutes long which for me is great for young kids – some may feel a little hard done by on the entrance fee to not get more time but I totally think this is just right.

Tinkerbell movies by their nature are harmless, non threatening and generally not frightening for young kids and the latest instalment kept this up.

In Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy a disgruntled dust keeper fairy named Zarina steals the essential blue pixie dust and joins a ship of pirates trying to use it for its magical power to make things fly. It is up to Tinkerbell and her fairy friends to rescue it before the dust is lost forever and save Pixie Hollow. Of course there are lots of twists and turns along the way which I won’t spoil for those hoping to see it.

While my kids absolutely loved it just to put it in perspective we did go to see another Disney movie only weeks earlier – Frozen.  We were blown away by it. (My oldest is still singing let it go – which I wish she would!). If I am honest I don’t think Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy is quite in Frozen’s league.  That said it certainly makes a lovely trip to the cinema and given the recent weather would make a great mid term excursion!

Marks out of ten from my oldest: 9 (with Frozen getting a 10).

Disclaimer: I was invited to a Preview screening of the Tinkerbell movie however I was not paid to write this post. All views are my own.

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