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Ok, let’s start by saying I am not pregnant.  Nor have I just given birth.

It is well documented here that I am a three-time C-section mum. A big factor for me after each of my C-sections was coming to terms with the fact that I did not achieve my dream of a normal delivery.  I was elated with my new baby but found talking about my births emotional.  However, despite this rawness there was no where I could turn for help.  My local hospital had a counsellor but they were only designated to those who had experienced a traumatic delivery.  Mine were not traumatic, they were just not what I wanted.

As someone who had not planned a C-section I was clueless going into my first.  With hindsight I had realised that no one really prepares you for the possibility or reality of a C-section.  I decided to write a real life Guide to C-sections from my own experience.  It was by no means perfect and only reflected my stories but it was consistently the most popular post here on Learner Mama.  I went on to write other C-section posts, publish articles in print media and speak at a seminar about C-sections.

For those of you following my blog you may have noticed a couple of little mentions of a project I have been working on.  Rather than clog up this blog, which is more general about my experiences and lessons through motherhood, I decided to set up a new website to provide information and support to other C-section Mums and those facing a surgical birth of their baby.

I am now very proud to present the first incarnation of my new baby:


C-section Mums includes a full discussion forum as well as a magazine / blog style area where all the latest C-section news, common C-section questions and the sharing of  C-section stories will be posted on a periodic basis.

C-section Mums can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.  While I will still be very much blogging as Learner Mama for weeks, months and hopefully years to come, I’d love if all my lovely Learner Mama readers would come join me there and share this new resource with any other Mums and Mums-to-be you know, especially those who had undergone or are facing a C-section.


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