The day after the night before

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Going out on a school night is usually asking for trouble.  It’s the Christmas season though so any night is fair game.  The mother of one of my daughter’s friends arranged some drinks in her house.  Turned out to be the most amazing spread of food and drink and I eventually fell into bed at 1.30am.

I thought if I can get about 5-6 hours sleep I can survive the day.  Of course the alarm going off was as painful as I had expected it to be.  My husband left for work and I finished off getting the kids ready for school.  Threw a track suit onto myself and headed downstairs.

Image courtesy of Feelart /

Image courtesy of Feelart /

I was greeted by a dishwasher full of dirty dishes, a washing machine with wet clothes hanging out and a realisation that my daughter’s ballet bag and snack wasn’t ready.  Add a three-year old’s meltdown and my morning was not exactly smooth sailing.

I eventually got them out of the house and down to the school.  I was beginning to breathe a sigh of relief.  I could almost smell the coffee I hadn’t had a chance to have yet when my little man asked me where his school bag was.  I almost cried.  He always puts it on his back himself, why not this morning.  WHY??!!!!  So I packed him off to school promising to get it to him as soon as I got his little sister to Montessori.

I hurried back up the road, found said bag sitting in the hallway and threw it in the car.  I packed my baby girl off to Montessori and raced back down to the school to deliver the missing bag.

Back home, job done.  I boiled the kettle.  Coffee was definitely needed at this point.  Hell morning complete.

Image courtesy of bplanet /

Image courtesy of bplanet /

The rest of the day was okay.  Thankfully my oldest was in ballet so I had only to pick up my two little ones and chill out at home until later.  All went to plan and an e-mail from my husband suggesting take away brought a smile to my tired face.

The smell of chipper as I opened the door to my husband on his return from work was much welcome.  Grease is an essential part of any day after the night before.  Before I knew it we were thrown into darkness.  A look outside and there was the realisation it wasn’t just us.  Power cut.  We grabbed candles and finished a candle lit takeaway.  My husband made his exit to visit his grandmother and I was left in darkness with three kids to entertain for two hours.

The lights eventually came back on, the husband eventually came home and a large vodka and Diet 7 Up was poured before crashing into bed.

Will I learn my lesson not to go out on a school night?  Hell no!  It was a great night, one I am counting as my “work” Christmas party.  All events of the next day will be forgotten next time a few drinks on a school night are suggested.  Bring it on!


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