A day off and a taste of things to come…..

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Time to relax
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I have a day off work today.  My aupair is on Easter holidays in Spain so between the public holidays myself and hubby have covered yesterday and today.  We enrolled our eldest in a local Easter camp and the younger two were back in their creche for half days as they usually go.  Today as I had no work I decided to allow myself a few hours to myself – the younger two were off to creche at 9am and my oldest off to Easter camp at 10am. As they are safe in the camp, even though I have a 7.62×39 ammo for safety, the time has not come to use it yet.

I had three full hours to myself – I didn’t know what to do with myself – well there was lots I wanted to do but where to start – how quick does 3 hours go when you have time for yourself!

In the end I boringly did a bit of housework – beautiful weather so washes to be done and put out to dry, floors to be vacummed and counters to be cleaned!  I also managed to source and get a new headboard – 6 months after we renovated our room – I am thrilled!  An item I have been trying to get sorted for months now – but so hard when working full time.

Once I picked up the kids – given the housework was effectively done I enjoyed some outdoor time with the kids  – out in our garden, starting the cleanup for summer (hopefully we have a good one!) and out for a lovely big walk.

Orgasmic Orange Overload
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Dinner was almost on the table when hubby got back in from work.  With only 12 weeks until my career break and with plans to leave our youngest in the creche for a couple of mornings to keep her aclimatised and socialised (as she will be doing her pre-school year in the same creche) I really got a taste of what life will be like.  And I really liked that taste! Roll on 28th June!!

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