Do you have a favourite baby changing room? Sudocrem are launching awards to find the best.

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We’ve all been there.  Out and about and suddenly you get a wiff.  You realise it is coming from your baby’s lower regions and the contents of the explosive nappy are slowly making their way out in a bid for freedom.  You need a quick change.  You have, thankfully, come prepared.  Nappy bag in hand with wipes, clean nappy and a full change of clothes.  Now just somewhere to go and deal with this mess.

Unfortunately many public locations do not have baby changing facilities.  Other times the facilities are only in the female toilets and Dad is left unable to change their baby in a suitable location.  Recent research revealed that 64 percent of Irish parents have left a public venue due to a lack of changing room facilities and over 30 percent have changed their baby on a bathroom floor.

Where facilities do exist they are often not great with parents rating Irish baby changing facilities are meager 5.5 out of 10.

In order to help celebrate 85 years as an iconic Irish baby skin care brand Sudocrem is launching the Baby Changing Room Awards to commend venues for providing warm, clean, safe facilities for parents and their little ones and try to improve the rating of Irish baby changing facilities.

Actor Simon Delaney, Sudocrem Baby Changing Room Award Ambassador said,

“As a parent I know firsthand how important good baby changing facilities really are. I soon realised that when we were planning a trip out that one of the first things to consider was whether the venue had good baby changing facilities. If they didn’t, we’d choose somewhere that did. I’d urge anyone who has used baby changing facilities to vote for the venues that they think provide a great service for parents and spread the word to other parents. Visit to cast your vote today.”

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There will be seven categories for entry including:
· Best Hotel
· Best Restaurant
· Best Coffee Shop
· Best Big Shop (supermarkets, toy stores, clothes shops etc.)
· Best Shopping Centre
· Best Changing Facilities in a Male Bathroom
· Best Service Station

Once venues receive a minimum number of votes they will be in contention to receive an award.  Voters will be asked a series of 9 yes/no questions about the baby changing facilities provided by the venue they nominate. The number of facilities a venue provides will decide on the number of stars it is awarded. Venues that receive enough votes will receive one, two or three stars with three stars being the top award.

Speaking at the launch, Helen Murphy, Brand Manager, Sudocrem said,

“We are so proud to be celebrating 85 years of Sudocrem. Sudocrem was developed by an Irish pharmacist Thomas Smith in Cabra back in 1931 and has gone on to become a staple in many Irish home. Every year, more than 34.5 million Sudocrem pots are sold worldwide and they are all made here in Baldoyle. The Sudocrem Baby Changing Awards is being launched to help support parents by highlighting the very best public venues that will accommodate all their baby changing needs when out and about.”

Visit to register your vote today.

Each vote received will be automatically entered into a prize draw. The closing date for entries is Friday, 30th September, 2016. The prize winner will be announced after the voting closes.

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