Don’t wish your life away

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I wish I was a teenager. I wish I was 18 so I can go to the pub. I wish I was finished college so I can get a job. I wish I could buy a house.

Growing up I always wished for the next stage of life. Enjoying what I was doing, but wanting to move on.

My Mother always told me not to wish my life away. Of course that means nothing to a pre-teen, a teen or an early twenty year old wanting to get on in life.

Now I have three kids of my own. I look at them growing up in front of my very eyes and want to turn back the clock, or at least stop it.

While I loved welcoming my kids into the world (and dare I say the three pregnancies) I always waited for the next stage.

If I could just get through the first 6 weeks, I’ll be over the section and baby will be more settled, if baby would just start sleeping through the night, if teething is finished, once I get through the toddler years.

Before you know it you are wishing not only yours, but your child’s life away. Life is short. No one knows how long we have. I got a jolt when my mum had an almost fatal brain hemorrhage. Suddenly realising that in an instant life can be taken away.

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It changed my life completely. Made me realise that, if you let it, life can pass you by. I wasn’t going to let it pass me by. I was going to enjoy my life, enjoy my kids. Within 18 months of my mum’s illness I took a career break. Time to reflect, time to spend with the kids, time to make family time easier and more special.

Of course it can be easier said than done. Mindfulness is the term used now a days. From my point of view it means to live in the moment. I am really trying hard to ensure I give my kids as much attention as I possibly can. To live in the moment. It’s a big target of mine.Not stress about the spill of juice or the messy playroom.  Also to take care of myself.

If you have a bad day, brush it off. Tomorrow is a new day.  While obviously the future is important don’t stress about it. Live in the now and, as my mum says, don’t wish your life away.

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