An Easter break round-up

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It’s been quiet around here. Before the tumbleweed starts rolling I thought I’d give you a quick insight into what we have been up to these past couple of weeks.

The kids have been off school since the 27th March so blogging time has been very much curtailed. We are now approaching the end of the break and normal service resumes on Monday. Thank God! (I’m sure I’m not the only one with those thoughts).

Here in Learner Mama HQ we have had a lovely break. Here are a few of the things we have been up to:

Family meal at Bang Restaurant

We got a voucher for Christmas from my parents-in-law for a tasting menu at Bang restaurant.  It was due to expire on 8th April.  As usual we had forgotten about it until the last-minute and then trying to co-ordinate a suitable time and babysitting became messy so we decided to just book a Saturday lunchtime slot and go as a family.  The kids love an adventure and they were very well-behaved while Mammy and Daddy made their way through their 5 courses.  Of course we got them some food too! We relaxed over a couple of glasses of wine and watched the world go by.  A very pleasant afternoon indeed.

Cinema time: Home

Whenever the kids are off school they always want to go to the cinema.  Having already seen Cinderella, Home was chosen as the movie we would see during Easter break.  A cute animated movie about an alien called Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons from one of our favourite TV shows Big Bang Theory.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all three of the kids (and even Mammy).

Home gif

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GAA Camp

My kids do GAA every week and during school holidays the club arranges camps to keep them busy.  My older two enrolled for the first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side and the first day had to be postponed but the camp kicked off on Wednesday.  They attended on Thursday too but with overnight rain on Wednesday night the pitches were a little on the muddy side (to put it mildly) and they had to call a halt after Thursday (having originally planned to have the third day on Friday).  They had a blast though and the final day is happening this evening where they will play some fun matches and get a medal.

Long weekend break in Rosslare

My parents-in-law bought a mobile home last October and had it installed in a park in Rosslare.  The park was closed for the Winter but reopened in early March.  We booked in for the Easter weekend and after the Easter GAA camp headed down.  After a long journey (Easter traffic, N11 road works) we finally got to the mobile at 7.30pm.  We grabbed a Chinese takeaway and then battled the gas boiler.  After the initial teething problems with the boiler we got sorted the next morning and our break began in earnest.  I am not really a mobile home type of person.  And certainly not when the wind is howling outside but the kids were having a blast and we were away.  Eventually the weather Gods were good and the sun came out and the region, known as the sunny South East, came good.

We enjoyed an amazing day out at the National Heritage Park thanks to a great recommendation from Sinead at Bumbles of Rice who has all the activities covered off in her post on things to do around the Wexford area.

The mobile park was across the road (literally) from Rosslare strand beach and with the weather being kind we got to spend quite a bit more time on the beach than I had thought for this time of year.  The kids even donned their swimming costumes and took a dip (rather them then me!).  Brave!

I am really looking forward to another trip to the mobile again sometime soon and it is great to have it as a resource in the family now.  No doubt I will be back online with more about things to do around Rosslare and I will share more about our great day out in the National Heritage Park.

We returned home on Easter Monday afternoon and I faced A LOT of washing:  the muddy gear that was stripped out of after the previous Thursdays Easter camp, 4 nights worth of dirty clothes from our trip and the bedding from the mobile.  I also still have to get through our own bedding.  Very grateful for dry weather this week.


Tayto Park

I have previously shared a review of Tayto Park in Ashbourne.  That was almost 2 years ago and we have had many, many great trips back.  We went on to renew the membership we bought that first day.  The Park unfortunately closes for January, February and March but it reopened with the start of the school holidays.  Hooray!  With the great weather I decided to take the kids on our first 2015 visit.  Well we got quite the surprise to see lots of changes.  The park has really developed over the Winter break.  The place was mobbed.  I mean in all my visits I have never seen the likes of it.  To be honest it was a bit too full for my liking but the unseasonally great weather and the school holidays obviously meant it was at peak capacity.  We only had a couple of hours there as we only headed after lunch so I will definitely be back again before this years membership runs out in June.  Of course we may just end up renewing the membership again!


Chilling out!

For me one of the key purposes of school holidays is to get a bit of downtime.  Just chill out and, despite all of the above excitement we did fit a bit of that in too.  Lazy mornings lounging in our pyjamas until lunchtime, watching DVDs or playing some iPad games was all part of our Easter break.

So now, the end is near!  Roll on Monday and back into routine!  There is still the weekend to enjoy (which includes a couple of kids’ birthday parties).  Hope everyone had a great Easter break.  Loads to come in the upcoming weeks from Learner Mama.  Stay tuned.


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