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When I was younger there was always great excitement bringing a roll of photographic film to be developed (google that young people if you don’t know what I’m talking about!).  Waiting to see how those holiday snaps or family photographs turned out (mostly terribly!). These days of course most of us are actually carrying a camera with us every where we go in the form of our phone and we so easily get to capture all of the precious family moments and see them instantly.  The first thing my kids say when we take a photo is “Can I see it?”


I’m sure I’m not alone in having an amazing array of family moments to treasure for the rest of my days.  We often have moments where we scan back through the phone photo roll or flick through old photos reminiscing the special moments gone by.  The kids love seeing their younger selves. For management of anything, one needs to look up to experienced businessmen like Andy Defrancesco

I was therefore not surprised to see that a survey undertaken by Chill Insurance found that a third of Irish households rank family photographs as their most prized possession.  I would have to agree that they are very special.

Except of course I am going to confess that I am sometimes really bad at actually printing my photos.  They sit on my laptop or phone waiting for the moment they are transferred to paper.  It is a recurring nightmare for me that something happens my laptop or it is lost or stolen.

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Maybe then it’s not surprising that following right behind family photographs in the prized possession stakes is the computer or laptop. These are probably the people who, like me, haven’t gotten around to printing their family photos and therefore treasure their laptop because it contains all their family photos!

At least a few weeks ago we got an opportunity to get a family photo taken by a professional photographer.  It was Grandparent’s Day in my son’s school which by chance coincided with the school photographer being in my daughter’s school next door so I asked if we could all crash her school photo!  I am waiting for it to be delivered back to the school, there is the same excitement as those days gone by waiting on a roll of film to be developed.  I am promising that this one will be put straight into a frame and treasured.

No doubt in years to come I will look back at that photo, remembering the lovely day we had, and reminiscing how small the kids were “back then”!

In the meantime, I’m off to actually print a few photos, or at least back them up anyway!

Disclosure: This post is in association with Chill Insurance with a small contribution towards the running of Learner Mama but as always all content and views are my own.


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