Hand luggage requirements of a 7 year old


We are heading away on our holidays in just over two weeks. My essential for any trip away is to make a list. Lots of lists. In fact everything in life requires a list.

I am a list person as long as I can remember. So you can imagine the sheer pride I felt when my oldest girl proclaimed she needed to write a list of things she needed to be in her hand luggage for her time on the plane.


Having taken over my note pad this is the result:

  • Extra (as in the chewing gum brand)
  • Sweets / Lollipop
  • Fruit
  • Water (she questioned if she could bring it through security but has resigned herself to the fact that she will have to buy it beyond security)
  • Books
  • Colouring books/pages
  • Colours
  • iPad
  • Headphones
  • Teddy bear
  • Blanket
  • Wallet
  • Baby doll / exsesrees (accessories)
  • Hair exsesrees (accessories)



  1. What a lovely list and a clever girls. Looks like she has inherited her Mum’s organisation skills! We are heading away soon so I should get everyone writing their lists… although I am a bit worried about what the four year old would want to bring 😉
    Naomi Lavelle recently posted…A nosegay to say….My Profile

    • Thanks Naomi! I certainly strive for organisation – rarely succeed thought 🙂 Kids are gas what they want to bring. I’m delighted she has started having some sense! My other two now will leave a lot to be desired. Enjoy your prep!


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