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I’m in Ireland.  In Ireland the sun doesn’t shine so brightly that much.  We did have a glorious heat wave last July just as I started my career break and now, as my year comes to an end we are experiencing another one.  There will be more on the career break status coming soon but in the meantime I am going to enjoy this nice weather.

However, before I go off to enjoy myself I am going to take a moment to remember some of the important when dealing with kids in the warm weather – particularly when they are not used to it.

Sun cream

Sounds obvious but it is amazing how many people will lash on the sun cream when on holidays abroad but because they are at home, in Ireland, they will not put it on.  It is something that is usually bought to be thrown in the suitcase but when the sun comes out, even in Ireland, it is important to have a bottle of SPF Factor 50+ in the cupboard to apply.

I don’t have a brand of choice.  It is important to just ensure that the brand meets all the European requirements in terms of protection so watch out for half price or buy one get one free offers in your local supermarket or pharmacy.

This morning I had to apply sun cream to all three kids before they headed off to school but it is worth those extra few minutes to ensure they are not going to get burnt while out playing at break time.

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /

Water, water and more water

It is so important to keep kids hydrated.  They dehydrate fast and even in moderately warm weather can feel the effects of dehydration faster than adults so keep them well hydrated with lots of water or other liquids.

Water Safety

On the topic of water, in the fine weather there is nothing better than to head for the beach or blow up that paddling pool that has been gathering dust in the garden shed.  I live a couple of minutes from the beach and my kids love nothing but to wade into the water.  Unfortunately in last year’s heat wave a number of people lost their lives through drowning.  Don’t find yourself in that situation.  If you have a child anywhere near water by all means let them have fun but keep your eyes on them.  It can happen in an instant and in very shallow water.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /


Cars become like ovens in this type of weather.  There have been many a tragedy around the world after a child has been left, even for a short time, in a hot car and then been found dead.  While it can take a few minutes to take them in or out of a shop better to be safe than sorry particularly when it is hot out.

Shade and rest

This weather is tiring for the best of us so ensure the kids come in and take a break from the sun.  Seeking shade in the middle of the day is always the advice and while we may not want to miss out these precious sun rays it will pay off to take a few minutes away from the height of the heat.

Taking heed of the above will mean a very enjoyable few days of warmth and sunshine.  Right, I’m off to get ready for a trip to the beach when the kids get in from school!

Enjoy and be safe!


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