Kinder Storymakers: A review

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Reading with kids is a massively important parental responsibility. It helps expand vocabulary and understanding. Reading has been a key feature in my house since my first was only a baby. We have accumulated so many children’s books. Favourites in this house include classics like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood as well as more modern tales of the Gruffalo, Owl Babies and Room on a Broom.

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It can be hard to find time to read with the kids but a few minutes story time to relax them at bed time is always nice or now that my two oldest kids, at aged eight and five, are in school they often have reading homework so we try to ensure we allow enough time to read the stories slowly and carefully.

My kids also love a personalised book. We have a couple at home and they are always amazed to see their name in print. When we got a chance to be actively involved in creating a story through, a new site from Kinder, my oldest was particularly interested. We logged in easily and were taken to a bright and colourful home page which was so child friendly and welcoming. The navigation was easy and as we progressed through the story my daughter played a very active role in both the creation of the actual story and the design.



She got a chance to choose characters, the location of the adventures (which ranged from jungles to deserts and everything in between) and even some of the dialogue of the story. The favourite being an under-water scene involving a singing dolphin!

There were a great range of characters and it was only as we were scrolling through them my daughter, much to her delight, suddenly realised they were all Kinder characters.

A lovely little story was created right in front of their very eyes on my laptop (although for those more mobile, a tablet device can be used too). The process was so easy and pleasant. It was so interactive even for a young child.

I have to say I am genuinely impressed with the site. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending the site to others with young kids. There are chances to win the created book in professionally printed form. Even if you are not a winner you can download your version and print it yourself from PDF. All in all a super idea from Kinder.

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Kinder Storymakers via Sheology.  I received compensation for this post however, as always, all views are my own.


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