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Yesterday I got asked a parenting question on Twitter. It brought back into focus an idea I’ve had for a while about posting questions from mums or mums-to-be particularly around pregnancy and babies and dealing with becoming a new mum which, as I found out, is a constant learning curve.

I spent a lot of my own pregnancies and early motherhood days posting questions on parenting forums, although at times they can be intimidating.

Cue, Ask Learner Mama. A new feature I’m introducing on the blog for 2015. The idea being that you send me a question (details of how below) and I will post an answer to your question including my own personal insights on the issue and dig around and do a bit of research too if needed.  You can be totally anonymous or if you want, and you have a blog, you can give me full details of who you and your blog are and I will feature them.  Your choice.


Ask Learner Mama


I will also be sharing answers to some of the questions I had as new first time mum to be like “Can I fly when I’m pregnant?”, “Can I dye my hair when pregnant?”, “When will I feel my baby kick?”  “How can I deal with baby reflux?”…the list of questions I had goes on and on!

So watch out for the first in the Ask Learner Mama series coming very soon!

In the meantime if you have a question just pop it in an e-mail to, tweet me @learnermama, post it on my Facebook page or jot it down in the comments below and I will feature it on the blog.


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