Learning to tie my shoe laces

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Tying shoe laces is one of those lessons every child needs to learn at some point. A key life skill.  My oldest is pretty much there (although wears a lot of velcro closing shoes) but my other two still need to get it.

I was pretty certain of my own ability to tie shoe laces and to, in turn, pass this knowledge to my three children over their early years. I have always, however, been bugged by shoe laces opening. It seems to happen a lot with my left foot and my current pair of runners. A double knot seems to do the trick but it’s a bit of a pain to have to do.

Well, you can imagine my disbelief when, while watching a Ted Talk from back in 2005, presented by Terry Moore, I learnt that the reason for my constantly opening laces was not anything to do with the shoes or laces but how I tied them.

Now, aren’t I glad only one of my kids knows how to tie their laces. So, having re-learnt how to tie my shoe laces I can now teach my kids with confidence how to tie theirs so that they will stay closed.

I’m not Learner Mama for nothing!

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