It’s not just a “little fall”, it hurts!

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Yesterday I had a fall.  It wasn’t serious but I lost my footing outside my house and ended up on the ground, knee first.  I would like to let the record show that I was stone cold sober.

It has been years since I fell over.  However, over the past few years my kids have fallen over numerous times, too many to recount.

I am guilty of what I am sure many parents are: dismissing a fall as “just a little fall”.  I can hear myself now.

“Are you okay? Sure it’s only a little trip!”



Ah, you’ll be grand!



Granted most of the time I would say that type of thing to calm them down but, after my fall yesterday I sat, a bit shaky, icing my aching knee thinking things are going to change.

No longer will I dismiss them.  No longer will I try to get them up and back on their feet quick smart (as sometimes I would if I’m in a hurry somewhere).

I am going to go all out sympathy offensive from now on.  Okay, I’m not going to mollycoddle them, I know kids fall, they have less to fall (and they bounce) but I now appreciate their tears because when you fall, it really HURTS!!


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