London, baby!

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My brother lives in the UK with his wife and three children. We see him when he visits us back in Dublin or via Skype. I have only twice seen him across the water and never since he moved into his new house in St Albans.

My new little niece, my brother’s daughter, is about 10 weeks old and being Christened in St Albans this weekend.  My husband is Godfather. My brother, his wife and kids are moving half way across the world next month for a year so it certainly was a no brainer that we all make the trip to his house this weekend.

My kids are so excited. Excited to go on an aeroplane again (me, not so much), excited to see their cousins (and my brother and his wife of course!) and excited to see London.

As it’s (realistically) my last time seeing my brother in a year we extended our stay and will be in St Albans for 4 nights/5 days. As well as the Christening we plan to do the total tourist thing and go into London City. My kids want to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and all the other sites they have, to date, only seen on TV.

My older two have been over before (at a previous Christening) but they were very young, my husband wasn’t there and we didn’t get to the centre of the city.

London city Big ben

So, we fly out on Saturday morning.  A 6am alarm call beckons. My husband is already in London for work so he is staying on for the Christening. I have to get my three across the water.  Thankfully my sister is travelling on the same flight so I only (only!!!) need to get them up and out of bed and to the airport by 6.30am before I have an extra pair of hands to get me through security and through the flight, which of course is so short we will be in London to have breakfast and enjoy a great break.

Any London sites I shouldn’t miss?  Let me know and I’ll fill you in on how we got on.



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