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My daughter is in first class (that’s the third year of formal education in Ireland). I never worried too much about her starting school as she is a confident little thing. I did worry that she would get a good teacher. One she got on with. All my fears were allayed when we went for our pre-starting-school visit and got introduced to a lovely young female teacher. She was just lovely. My daughter had a very enjoyable first year of school. And as a bonus the teacher moved with the class to teach their second year.

We knew that was it. All the parents were apprehensive about who the class would get for first class and to make matters worse when the school report and book list came out last June, the time when it says who the next teacher would be, it stated “To be appointed”. We spent the summer wondering. Had they recruited? Who would it be? Eventually 2 or 3 days before school recommenced we got a text with the name. It meant nothing so all we could do was head to school and hope for the best. After two days my daughter declared her new teacher the best teacher ever! High praise indeed! She has been getting on great. Teacher had nothing but good things to say at the parent teacher meeting before Christmas.

Image courtesy of Paul Gooddy / Freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Paul Gooddy / Freedigitalphotos.net

We have moved happily along through 1st class. It reminded me of very happy days myself in first class. I too loved my first class teacher. It makes such a difference and leaves a life long impression and memory.

On Tuesday the bombshell was dropped. She was leaving this Friday. All the girls came out of class on the verge of tears. She had announced that as she was only covering a maternity leave and the other teacher is coming back on Monday she had to go.

We didn’t know she was only covering maternity leave (something I am a little peeved with to be honest). We, collectively as a group of parents and kids, are all gutted. We are sad she is going and we are sad for her that she has no job to go to on Monday morning. The reality of recession Ireland hitting home.

I have heard mixed things about the new teacher. Of course I will wait and see but it is a real blow as my girl was doing so well. I’d hate to think there would be any setbacks.

We have now said goodbye. To be honest I have felt a little emotional today about it. My daughter is being philosophical about it and I hope she will be fine.

Time will tell but for the moment it is hard losing a teacher that has been so wonderful.


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