My dose of newborn!

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My brother in law and his wife welcomed their second child into the world nearly 2 weeks ago. A girl. With there having been visiting restrictions in the hospital and wanting to allow them settle at home for a few days we called in for a visit over the weekend to see her for the first time.

How quickly you forget how tiny and squashy newborn babies are! Having pretty much certainly completed our family with three ( although I am open to suggestion should a lottery win come our way!) it was so lovely to hold and cuddle a newborn.

Looking at my three now its hard to believe any of them, even my “baby” (now nearly 19 months), were ever that size.  So for all those new mums and mums to be try and cherish those first few weeks – while you will be tired and nervous the weeks go by so fast and before you know it you will be waving them off at the school gate!

Not wanting to post a picture of my brother in laws child without his permission I will indulge my nostalgia and post a picture of my “baby” when she was a newborn of only a few hours old.



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