New Beginnings

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At the start of the summer we reached the end of an era.  Our baby (she’s actually almost 5) finished in Montessori which was based in the creche I had used since I went back to work almost 9 years prior to that.

Of course every era that ends results in a new beginning.  After having enjoyed a relaxing summer, which included a 2.5 week trip to Lanzarote, the beginning of September saw new beginnings.


I now have three children in primary school.  The little lady who finished off her Montessori marched (almost literally) into school and hasn’t looked back.  Of my three, she was the one I was least worried about.  She is quiet but confident and wise beyond her years (too much listening to her big sister).  Any worries I had about her starting school were for myself. How would I cope with my baby going off.  My Mum’s death has given me a lot of perspective. There is nothing to be sad about my baby growing up and I was totally fine with seeing her off. Every day is a blessing and I am enjoying watching my children grow and learn.

However, now that they are all off at school and I have another couple of years of career break ahead of me I am left with mornings of time to fill.  Of course there are coffees to be had, laundry to keep on top off, housework coming out of my ears and of course blogging to be done.  In attempting to keep my brain busy and try to add to the family coffers we set up a Digital Media company, EMZ Digital Media Ltd, appropriately named after my three children; Emily, Matthew and Zoe.


While Learner Mama will remain my personal blog and I will keep you posted on my journey through parenting three lively (school) children right here, there will be a new arm of Learner Mama, Learner Mama Social, which will be the lighthearted, fun and gossipy part as well as being the first rung on the EMZ Digital Media network.  I will of course continue as before to do my best to earn a few shillings out of Learner Mama and my other blog but the business focus will be firmly on Learner Mama Social and hopefully beyond.

Finally, on a personal level I am still coming to terms with the new beginnings of life without Mum but later this month I will turn 40 (hopefully gracefully!) which will mark the start of a new personal era in terms of decades of life and I hope that it will see nothing but health and happiness for myself and those around me.

To new beginnings!


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