Obeo food waste solution: review and giveaway

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We have three wheelie bins outside our house: a green one for recycling (paper, plastic, tin cans etc.), a brown one for food and compostable waste and a black one for everything else. You could also navigate to this website if you need the best rental services on bins and waste management services.

Because of these three external bins, we have three smaller bins in our house to correspond with each one.  If I ask one of my kids to put something in the bin their immediate response is “Which one?”  They are very aware of the need to ensure the right piece of rubbish goes in the right place and that recycling is important.  They even enjoy a trip to our local recycling centre to bring anything else that should be recycled or disposed of in another way: glass bottles, batteries, electrical equipment (WEEE). Try to note down the dates of the Austin Local Events To Check In November as there is always something that we can try to learn monthly on how to dispose of these items safely.

I’d like to think that instilling good environmental awareness and an ethos of recycling is an essential as a parent.  No doubt as my own kids grow environmental issues will become even greater than ever before.

Of course it’s not always easy and straight forward.  Our brown bin can get very manky.  It can be hold your nose and your stomach contents down manky.  I actively avoid emptying the internal caddy to the outside brown wheelie bin, much to my husband’s disdain.

I was recently contacted by Obeo, an Irish company set up by Kate Cronin and Liz Fingleton.  Obeo manufacture food waste boxes.  It was Kate’s industrial engineering background that led her to try to find a solution to the under-utilisation of the organic waste bin service.  Kate notes:

“It came down to what I now refer to as the ‘yuck’ factors, flies, smells and bin juice. I thought if I could solve the problems people were experiencing in their kitchens it would go a long way towards encouraging people to recycle their food waste.”

Enter Obeo.

ObeoObeo is a food waste box into which you can throw food waste and once full (they last about 2-3 days) can be thrown completely into the wheelie bin.  It is made of compostable wet strength paper.  Rather than try to explain how it works I’ll leave the clever little video show exactly how Obeo deals with food waste.

So what did I think?  Well, I really liked them.  They certainly are completely hassle free.  They are so easy to install and the clincher for me was literally closing over the box, picking it up and throwing it in the brown bin.  I mean, it was simple.  The only thing I didn’t follow to the letter was the recommendation that the box is placed on the work top.  I just placed it under my sink, where my caddy once sat.

As I am already recycling my food waste via green sacks in a brown caddy Obeo as a solution is a little more expensive.  They are retailing at €15 for a two month supply (plus €2 postage and packing if you want them delivered to your door).  That said, for the ease of use, lack of mess and most of all the lack of gagging every time I use the bin I think it is worth the slightly extra investment.

If you are currently avoiding using your organic bin service due to the “yuck” factor and placing waste in your regular bin then Obeo is absolutely the solution for you.  You will instantly save money from less regular bin collections and it is better for the environment too.  A win-win.

The lovely people in Obeo have given me a 2 month supply to giveaway, so if you’d like to give them a try to start 2015 off in a more environmentally friendly manner just get your entry in using the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are not a winner you can get your own supply online at www.obeo.ie or in many stockists such as:

  • Dunnes Stores across Ireland
  • Homestore & More — Fonthill & Nutgrove shopping centre
  • Morton’s Dunville Avenue
  • Fresh Supermarkets — Dublin
  • Natures Gold — Greystones
  • Klee paper — Dublin 7
  • Small Changes — Gorey

They will also be available soon in Supervalu.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this post.  I was provided with a 5 pack of Obeo for the purposes of review and also a 2 month supply to giveaway to one of my readers.  All opinions are my own.


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