Party Politics: A guide to kids’ birthday parties

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As a first time mum-to-be I never thought beyond the pregnancy, impending birth and holding my newborn baby. In a way you forget that this tiny being you are waiting for is going to grow up. Each year the date that they arrived into this world comes flashing around and it’s birthday time.

For the first year or two you can get away with whatever celebrations you, as parents, want to. There is no input from the child. In fact, your little one will probably not even notice it’s their birthday. Enjoy that fact. Before you know it you will be dealing with the ins and outs of birthday parties. Not only your own kids but, as they make friends, their friend’s birthdays too.

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You will become embroiled in Party Politics. There are some key things about birthday parties that I didn’t have a clue about but have had to quickly become accustomed to. To save any new parents the pain I have put together a little guide outlining my insights on key aspects of kids parties such as invitations, venues, presents and the painful cost of both having one and attending one.

Learner Mama’s Guide to Kids’ Birthday Parties


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