Preparing for hitting the slopes

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We are heading off for our first family ski holiday shortly.  The excitement is certainly building.  Old ski gear is being dusted off, new ski gear bought for the new additions we have had since myself and my husband last skied together over a decade ago.

My husband has kept his ski legs strong with an involvement with Team Ireland, hitting the slopes on a few occasions over the last decade including involvement in two Winter Olympics.  I stayed home minding the kids so my ski legs are very rusty.

For our kids, they don’t have ski legs at all so when my husband saw one of those deals come into his E-mail for the Ski Centre in Dublin he grabbed the chance to get our three kids an introductory lesson.

Last weekend we headed off for their first time to stick on a pair of skis and they hit the (pretend) slope.  To be fair the place was amazing.  A moving travelator-style artificial slope allows you to ski as if you are on a slope of hundreds metres.  Even the speed was adjusted by a remote control that the instructor has on hand.  The technology was amazing.

The hour passed so fast and the kids just absolutely loved it which was a big sigh of relief given they will have no choice but to ski on our upcoming holiday!  They seemed to take to it like a duck to water and I’m regretting not booking myself in for a quick refresher as I suspect Mammy is going to be left in their wake when we hit the real snow in a few days!

Skiing Dublin
Now it’s time to start the lists and the packing.  For the first time in a long time a bikini is not on the holiday list, more like a pair of long johns!

This is not a sponsored post!  I was not asked to write about our experience and we paid for it ourselves.

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