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I’m back.  Having spent 16 glorious nights in Tenerife we landed on Irish soil in the small hours of Sunday morning.   I was glad to have had the foresight to have everyone change into long sleeves and long trousers before we boarded the flight in Tenerife.  It was cold when we arrived. The taxi queue was long and we finally fell into our beds just before 3am.

Sunday is a bit of a blur and it was half over by the time we got out of bed (except my husband who had a hurling match at 10.30am so, being dedicated to the cause, was up and out by 9am).  The washing was started and the house, having being left immaculate, suddenly became a tip with three cases and five pieces of hand luggage emptied out.

Washing mountains have sprung up in my house Image courtesy of anankkml at

Washing mountains have sprung up in my house
Image courtesy of anankkml at

I somehow thought it was a good idea to book my car in to do it’s NCT on Monday morning after our return (for those outside Ireland the NCT is a test you must do to ensure your car’s brakes, emissions and other items are within safe limits).  Thankfully it passed.

I got a phone call Tuesday to say the bed we ordered in July would be delivered Wednesday.  To be fair they had told me before I left it had arrived in the warehouse.  I told them I was going away and I would call them when I got home.  They called again in Tenerife.  So I felt I had to, on the third call, accept their delivery time.  My husband brought the base down last night.  We slept on the mattress.  I had to fire the mattress down the stairs this morning.  I think I pulled something in my leg.  The new bed is now insitu and I am looking forward to a very comfortable night’s sleep.

All the while I have been dying to write a post – I have a list of things I want to write about but I have been having some technical issues in the background.  I hope it is not affecting any of my readers and I hope it is sorted soon.

In the meantime I will just say hello again!  I am back to reality.  I am looking forward to getting back to some semblance of a routine.  There is one more week before school is back.   I really should be raring to go shouldn’t I?  Right now, I could do with a large hot bath but stay tuned.  There is going to be loads coming in the next few weeks.



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