The return of the Tooth Fairy


So my daughter lost her first tooth very recently and the tooth fairy came.  She got €4 (as it was her first) and was thrilled.

You might remember that her first wobbly tooth was not the one to fall out. Well tonight was the night.  Her second tooth fell out tonight.  Well, it got really wobbly, she was afraid she would not be able to eat so I got a bit of tissue and out it came.  Of course her new tooth from her first loss hasn’t grown yet and with this one right beside it she now has a right big gap!

Missing teeth
Mind the Gap!

In a well timed move one of my neighbours gave her a “Milk Tooth holder” this evening.  So the tooth has been placed in the holder and popped under her pillow.  We await another visit from the tooth fairy.

Milk tooth holder and tooth
Milk Tooth Holder and Tooth

Thankfully there are no more wobbly teeth so I am hoping the tooth fairy might get a little break and a chance to save up for the next ones!



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