Simple Halloween themed food for kids

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With Halloween only a matter of days away and mid-term break kicking off, it is a really great time for getting the kids busy in the kitchen. While they might go out trick or treating and get bags full of sweets, there is nothing more rewarding than making some simple homemade treats and “scary” food with some simple Halloween themed food.

Halloween themed cupcakes

Hopefully you caught my easy cupcakes.  At this time of year we are turning them into spooky Halloween delights with a quick change of toppings.

Halloween foodPhoto credit: Star Mama, (Under CC BY 2.0)

I made pink icing for my recent batch but just turn the butter icing into Halloween themed colours by picking blood-red, green, orange or black as the food colouring of choice.

Pick up some icing pens in the supermarket. Use red to make dripping blood or black piping to draw out skeletons and ghosts on top of the butter icing. For a little twist add some decorations such as Halloween themed jellies to really bring the cupcakes to life.

If you are looking for a really easy life then you can buy a pre made pack of cupcakes or fairy cakes off the shelf and just get straight to the fun bit –  icing and decoration.IMG_4823.JPG

Freaky Fruit

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without Toffee Apples. Simple Halloween food that the kids will love (and even a little bit healthy!)


Apples – approx. 8

Sugar – 250g

Butter – 25g

Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

Water – 125ml

Red food colouring (optional)

You will also need wooden skewers or lollipop sticks and a bowl of iced water.

Add the wooden skewers into the apples and then make the toffee mix. To make the toffee bring the water to the boil and then mix in the sugar, butter and vinegar. Adding some blood-red food colouring is an optional extra.

Mix until the sugar has dissolved and then boil for about ten minutes then remove from heat. Once the mixture has stopped bubbling, coat the apples in the mixture and dip them into iced water to harden.

If you prefer fruit without the sticky toffee, then turning your favourite fruit into a Halloween themed snack is easy by cutting or carving it into a range of Halloween themed shapes – how about a melon peeled and carved into a brain shape with red food colouring running through it, or ghostly bananas are easily done by chopping a banana in half and placing it on a skewers. Sprinkle some coconut and add some chocolate chips or raisins for eyes and mouth. Practically any fruit can be turned freaky with a little imagination.

Halloween food 2Photo credit: Emilian Robert Vicol, (Under CC BY 2.0)

Scary Sandwiches

Not everything has to be a sweet treat at Halloween. Turning your kid’s favourite sandwiches into scary Halloween grub is easy with a few simple ingredients and some cutters (or a basic knife).

Simple sliced bread with your kid’s favourite fillings can be cut into ghosts or witch shapes.  Red jam makes an ideal scary filling which can be oozing out of the sandwich like blood.

One of my favourites is Annabel Karmel’s idea of cutting the sandwiches into finger shapes and placing almonds as nails and some ketchup (or red jam) at the end to make some scary “Dead man’s Fingers”



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