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Life is so busy these days but sometimes it is nice to just stop and capture the moment you are in.  Awfully Chipper did exactly that with her post snapshot.  She has turned the post into a linky and I’m joining in a taking a few minutes to capture my now.

Listening to: Katy Perry’s new song Chained to the Rhythm featuring Skip Marley.  I’m not a massive fan of hers but this particular song is very catchy.

Watching: I’m actually not a huge TV fan.  I enjoy sitting down with the TV on in the background but more often than not I’m on my phone.  I have Netflix and YouTube on my phone both of which get more “watching” than my TV. At the moment I am going through a phase of watching TED talks.  Don’t ask.  But I love this one from Tim Urban; I came across it online a while ago but literally just re-watched it because I can be a massive procrastinator and it is a bit of a kick up the backside.

Playing:  Uno.  A card game a relative sent over from the States for Christmas.  It is very simple and hugely popular with the kids.  I’m pretty sure every evening of our recent ski trip was spent playing Uno.  We would even wake up to hearing the three kids at the table having a game.  It really does bring back that sometimes the old style, non electronic games can be most fun and a reminder to do more of that type of thing.  They got Beat the Parents for Christmas too…..

Reading:  I’m not a big reader of novels or fiction of any sort at the moment.  I used to be.  I used to devour books while on holidays and while commuting.  I blame my decreased reading on kids and technology.  I read a lot more online but posts, articles and other light stuff.  Not a lot of actual books.  I do visit the library with my kids regularly but regularly return books unread.  My latest library finds, two self-help style books (a general theme in my library finds lately), are currently sitting on my desk as I type.  Will I get to read them who knows.

Looking forward to:  Summer.  Happens every year.  In summer I long for cold, dark evenings to just hibernate in the warmth and plan for Christmas.  Once the New Year sets in I’m thinking “OK, I’m done with this, bring on the brightness of Summer”.  As I sit here it is glorious outside.  A better than good Spring day.  Roll on Summer!

Drinking: My annual goal to eat more fruit in the form of smoothies is going well right now.  I have found a recipe I love.  When I say found; just accidentally created.  It’s as simple as they come but so delicious; banana, apple, milk and a dash of maple syrup.  I’ve just downed my daily dose.  I’m about to put the kettle on for some coffee.  Coffee and wine are a given when dealing with me.  Just depends on the time of day and day of the week as to which beverage I’ll be drinking.

Wearing: Right now jeans and a top.  I need more clothes.  More casual clothes.  I’ve recently acquired a load of lovely dresses from my Mum’s wardrobe but I need more school run type clothes.  I’m sick of being in tracksuits and jeans all.the.time.  I did buy a pair of linen type trousers in NEXT last week but they are still in the bag and I need to actually try them on.  They may need to be exchanged.  More of that.  I must plan a shopping spree.  I’m not great for buying clothes so what I am wearing now will probably be the same even if you are reading this post in a couple of months.

Eating:  It’s getting near lunch.  Not sure what I’ll have.  It was toast for breakfast and then the smoothie.  I’ll probably make a chicken sandwich.  I made a roast chicken last night and there are some left overs.

Working on: My business.  Running a business is hard work by yourself.  So much paperwork; invoices, VAT, banking, the list goes on.  I then need to fit in the actual work of a digital media company and finding my way around Facebook for business and Google.  Lots of learning but keeping me busy and out of trouble!

Permanently frustrated by: Paper.  Everywhere I look in my house there is paper.  Colouring pages, school work, art work, bills, lists, flyers.  Drowning in paper.  It doesn’t help that I am a paper hoarder.  I really need to get brutal with getting rid of stuff.  I mean who needs electricity bills from 8 years ago from a provider they are no longer with? I borrowed my Dad’s shredder so I am working through it.

Enjoying: Being with my kids.  I will not for a single second ever regret taking my career break to be there for the kids.  I really

Not enjoying: My roots.  I got a fabulous ombré hairstyle done about 3-4 weeks ago but my grey roots are driving me mad.  Just starting to poke through now.  I will clearly end up bankrupted going to get my roots done every month or so.  Possibly I could start a new trend of a triple ombré.  Anyone?

So that’s me right now.  Check out all the other great contributions over on Awfully Chipper’s blog.


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