The Midnight feast

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We have developed a tradition in our house.  Our kids have Midnight feasts. It seems to have stemmed from my Mother-in-law telling my kids they would get a Midnight feast when having a sleepover at some point in the past when they (my in laws) were babysitting our kids.

The first thing I need to point out is that my kids do not get this feast at midnight.  They are (usually) tucked up in bed at midnight (whose bed is a whole other story).

This midnight feast tradition involves post dinner time treats, eaten in pyjamas, usually watching TV or a DVD.  Now every time my kids stay with their Granny and Granddad one of the first questions is about what they are getting for midnight feast.
The tradition seems to have made its way to our house too.  It has evolved into something that happens when either my husband or I go out.  Usually only on a weekend night.  My husband travels quite a bit for work and it is never mentioned when he is away Monday to Friday.

Last weekend I was at a Hen party.  When explaining to my kids that I was going away but would be back the next day they acknowledged it saying “Yes, we will get a Midnight feast with Daddy!”  Ok, so you are not going to miss me one bit.

Last night it was my turn.  My husband was at a stag.   

On most occassions myself or my husband would actually make an event of going to the local shops and picking out which treats would be involved in the feast.  Last night however I just pulled together what bits we had floating around the house – it was a dreadful day and I did not feel like heading out again.

So, once dinner was finished the kids had a quick bath, got in their pyjamas and settled in to watch Ninja Warrior at 7pm and Britain’s Got Talent at 8pm while Mammy assembled home popped popcorn, marshmallows, Random jellies and a little chocolate bar.

A midnight feast fit for (my three little) Kings.




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