Things to expect when you come to my house

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I always strive to be an organised person although I often feel like I never quite get there.  Having three kids certainly makes for keeping an organised house a little more challenging to put it mildly (well my three kids do anyway!).  Last week I wrote a post about trying to keep your house clean with kids.  It was slightly tongue in cheek and I felt the need to reassure that my house is far from immaculate.

If you are calling around for a visit I will of course make the biggest effort to prepare, but life being life you may just experience some (hopefully not all) of the following:

1. Loud noises before you have even got in the door; it could be the kids fighting, me hollering or indeed lots of screams of delight and laughter.

2. Expect to step over or squeeze past things to get to the room you are going; bags, coats, buggy in the hall.  You name it, it will be in your way.

3. To have to move something to sit down; inevitably something will be left on practically every chair in the house.

4. Laundry hanging, well everywhere!


5. A bomb of toys exploded in the playroom which *may* just have impacted on other rooms nearby.

6. An unflushed toilet.  I promise I am teaching them to flush but sometimes they forget.  And sorry if you catch a floater!

7. Dust.  I may not have gotten around to cleaning my skirting boards in a few weeks (months?)

8. Small handprints on, well everything!

9. A table full of play doh, Lego, colours or paints.

10. Finally, and most importantly, a warm welcome, happy kids, a cuppa and a chat.



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