Things to do while playing the baby waiting game

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This time 5 years ago I was overdue my second child. Okay, by two days but a single day at 9 months pregnant may as well be forever. I hadn’t made it to my due date on my first so hadn’t experienced this “okay baby your time is up get the hell out of me” feeling.

First, the due date thing is all just estimated – that is why it is referred to as an EDD – Estimated Due Date. Of course the date is gospel when the day that you have rolled off your lips to every passer-by who asks when your baby is due has now arrived and passed without as much as a stir from baby.

The only thing to do is wait. For some the wait is long – 12-14 days – while for others it is less but no matter how many days past that elusive date they are hard days. The best thing to do is keep your mind busy.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Check out some of the things that helped me keep myself sane while playing the waiting game (thankfully on my second and third child the wait was only a few days).

1. Meet a friend for coffee

Once I finished up work for maternity leave as well as the usual nesting I met people for coffee. I reckoned I would not get to see them for a bit as I would be a little busy. Catching up when waiting for D-day was great to pass time and ease guilt if it was a while until I was in touch.

2. Watch a girlie movie

Put your feet up and have a movie day. This time 5 years ago I was watching Sex and the City – The Movie. In my hormonal state I cried my eyes out. It was brilliant. Who knows the tears may just cause a hormonal surge that kicks things off!

3. Take a walk

Nothing nicer to clear your head than a walk. Okay walking at 9 months pregnant is not easy but if you can manage it not only will it clear your head it may help baby get into a good position and get things moving.

4. Get a beauty treatment

Pamper yourself! Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, a massage or facial then do it! It will relax you and pass some time in a nice way.

A manicure or pedicure is nice too but just bear in mind if you are having a c-section you may have to remove it.

Reflexology is a nice treat too – most beauty parlours offer it and I have heard many a mum recommend it to get things moving.

5. Practical things

Ok so there are loads of practical things that may still need to be done like washing vests, making sure hospital bag is packed, maybe making some post baby meals to freeze and so on if you still need to get those completed.

6. Get baby moving

You could use your time to try some of the old wives tales to get baby moving – have a curry, have some sex, drink lots of raspberry leaf tea or bounce on a ball to name a few I tried. For me they didn’t work but at least they might keep you occupied for a little while.

7. Sleep!

The most useful thing you can do while waiting is sleep! Rest as much as you can. Sleep will be a valuable commodity once baby arrives so try and stock up now.  Granted sleeping while heavily pregnant can be a tad uncomfortable but if you can do it grab those ZZZZzzzz’s!

Whatever you decide to do try to enjoy it. The baby will be out really soon and you will be knee-high in feeds and nappies.  Then, before you know it, like me, you will be marking their 5th birthday wondering where the time went.


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