Things to teach your child before they go into “big school”


Ok, I might be a little late with this one but hopefully with the joys of the Internet it will be around for many years to come and there may be a few out there who are not starting until Monday this year.

Many of our little ones head off to pre-school or Montessori or the equivalent and get very well prepared for ‘big school’. ┬áNonetheless there are things we need to teach our kids before they go through that school gate.

How to:

1. Put their jacket on and off

2. Open (and close) their school bag

3. Open (and close) their lunch box

4.  Use their drink bottle

5. ┬áDeal with toilet trips – when they can go, pulling pants up and down and wiping own bum!

6. How a day is structured in school

While many of these things may be already learnt, with the unfamiliar surroundings and nerves of the first day a little refresher is no harm!

Hopefully this will lead to a smoother transition into formal education!


Skipping Schoolgirls outside Victoria Station, London
UGArdener / Foter / CC BY-NC



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