Things to teach your child before they go into “big school”

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Ok, I might be a little late with this one but hopefully with the joys of the Internet it will be around for many years to come and there may be a few out there who are not starting until Monday this year.

Many of our little ones head off to pre-school or Montessori or the equivalent and get very well prepared for ‘big school’.  Nonetheless there are things we need to teach our kids before they go through that school gate.

How to:

1. Put their jacket on and off

2. Open (and close) their school bag

3. Open (and close) their lunch box

4.  Use their drink bottle

5.  Deal with toilet trips – when they can go, pulling pants up and down and wiping own bum!

6. How a day is structured in school

While many of these things may be already learnt, with the unfamiliar surroundings and nerves of the first day a little refresher is no harm!

Hopefully this will lead to a smoother transition into formal education!


Skipping Schoolgirls outside Victoria Station, London
UGArdener / Foter / CC BY-NC


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