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There are two iPads and two iPhones in the house (all of which belong to myself and my husband I might add – not that you would know it). We have come to rely on Apple products as part of our parenting style. They love to “borrow” the iPad or iPhone and tinker away like experts.

Of course my aim is always to strike a balance. If they are playing on the iPad or phone I try and make sure it is educational. So when I was contacted and asked to review the new, Touch ‘n Sing app by by SumahoMama, which was designed by Japanese mothers and aimed at 2-6 year olds I didn’t hesitate to express my interest in giving it a go.


With my oldest at 6, my middle man aged 4 and my baby just turned 2 I think they hit the perfect family with us.

The app is free to download and it comes with two free songs – The Alphabet Song and The Hokey Pokey. We also managed to download Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as that is also free for and will continue to be indefinitely.

Touch 'n Sing Home Screen (themed for Halloween!)

Touch ‘n Sing Home Screen (themed for Halloween!)

Forr €0.99 you can download extra games including other favourites such as London Bridge, Old McDonald had a Farm, 10 Little Indians, Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Muffin Man. If you want to give your kids a treat why not download a game rather than filling them with sugary sweets?

There are Super Packs available which are a great idea as they give you six games for €4.99 (so effectively one free). There are currently 4 Superpacks including one with Japanese favourite nursery rhymes.

We downloaded 2 full Superpacks and then a number of individual games including some of the Japanese rhymnes and all the downloads are easily accesible once you click on the “Play” icon on the home page.


Each of the games is categorised including Culture, Colours, Language, Music, Maths, Shapes, Life Skills and Science and themed around a well known nursery rhyme. Depending on the category your child will interact with the nuresry rhyme learning as they go. It’s easy to see the games category with the icons and you can preview the game before purchasing.

Touch n sing screen shot categories

Screen shot of Category Info

You also don’t need to worry about uncessary downloads with the extra security of a Parental Control Screen which means as well as your iTunes account details your child needs to be able to read and type.

Touch n sing along app screen shot Parental control screen

Screen shot Parental Control Screen

So, what did my kids make of all this? Well I can without hesitation say that they loved it! My oldest proclaimed that she wasn’t playing “baby games” when I first got the app but lets just say she was very quickly converted and loved the app – with London Bridge being her favourite.

The games were very easy to use and really intuitive. I thought that maybe my 2 year old would be a little young but no – she clicked and swiped her way through the app with The Wheels on the Bus being her favourite. It was amazing to see her matching the correct sized wheels onto the buses and working her way through different levels of difficulty and singing along to the Alphabet Song.

My little man probably played the most. I think as he is middle of the age range he was just perfect for the games. He was constantly asking for new games and I resorted to a bit of bribery by using the games as a reward. Thanks to this app he is now sleeping in his own bed all night and knows if he continues to do so he can earn himself a new download!

My little man (with oldest hovering!) playing Touch n Sing app

My little man (with oldest hovering!) playing Touch n Sing app

My only worry was that they would eventually tire of the games but not so far and in addition new games seem to be coming out regularly so we can happily keep downloading more.

This app is a great download for parents of kids in the recommended age bracket. I am certainly hoping to get many years of fun out of this app and it is safe to say I will continue to be an Apple Parent!

You can download the app at:


Android Google Play

Amazon Kindle

The people at SumahoMama have kindly given me a $25 Amazon card to giveaway on the blog. You can enter in a number of ways (pick as many as you wish!) just see all the details below. It is open to all! The winner’s e-mail will be provided to SumahoMama and they will provide the prize directly to the winner.

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Disclosure: While I was not paid for this review I was provided payment 
for the purposes of purchasing the paid games - although I 
will probably end up out of pocket courtesy of my motherhood bribery!  
All opinions are my own(and my kids!)


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