What’s in my handbag? [Linky]


I carry a fairly big handbag around on a day-to-day basis.  My husband calls it my tardis.  I got the bag in TK Maxx years ago.  It is well past its best and my Mum did buy me a gorgeous work bag a few years ago that I did use at work but I feel it’s too good for my day-to-day life now that I am at home with the kids.  It is also a bit big for going out, although it has come out a few times if I am anticipating sore feet and bringing a pair of runners or flip-flops in the bag!  I am also extremely lazy about changing bags.  There are loads up in my room but most from pre-kids days when I didn’t need a large day-to-day bag.

When we are out and about as a family EVERYTHING tends to get dumped into the day-to-day bag.  We are past the nappies / bottles / baby food stage but little snacks, small toys, drink bottles, colours, colouring books, iPads you name it, it gets thrown in.  It really is a tardis, although I will probably end up with some injury carrying it around one of these days.

Sara from Where is My Mind Gone opened up a linky asking people to show what’s in their handbag.  On my blog I believe in the warts and all approach so I picked a moment and just turned the contents of my bag onto the table.

And this is what is in my bag!  Sorry it’s a bit blurry (which is probably just as well) and a full list of items I discovered is listed below.

  • Pad and tampons

Even when it’s not time of the month.

  • Mint

Just one random one probably from the last time we ate out.

  • Pens

Always a few pens in my bag. Essential.

  • Kids hairbrush

Likely just thrown in by one of the girls.

  • Plasters

Always important to have a few plasters in.

  • Bits of biscuits

Who knows!

  • 2 bags of Tayto Park Tokens

We have a membership so I leave the spare tokens we have in the bag so I won’t forget them if we decide to go.

  • A voucher for Bon Apetit

We are going out there tonight so I want to make sure I bring it with me (even though I will be changing bags).

  • Notes from Spanish class

I have been doing a Spanish class for last 16 weeks. It finished the day before photo finished but my notes were still in bag when I went to take photo.

  • Notebook

In case I get any inspiration or think of anything while out and about.

  • A note from Ballet class

My oldest daughter is in a ballet show on 13th June and it is a list of instructions. I want to keep it safe so I know what we are supposed to do.

  • An Emily ruler

Clearly not mine. Thrown in by someone of said name I suspect.

  • Receipts

I am a divel for just flinging receipts into the bag after I pay for anything. I had only just cleared bag a week ago of receipts so there were only two.

  • Disney princess, Lalaloopsy and Polly Pocket figurines

Again, clearly not mine!

  • Kids hair clips

See above.

  • Chocolates

There is a freezer bag with some chocolates from a box I got a few days ago.  These are the last few (others I devoured). I don’t like these few but I think my Dad does. I visited on Wednesday but forgot to give them to him so they were still sitting in the bag.

  • Broken sunglasses

My little man sat on my lovely Ray Bans. There were not cheap so I want to get them fixed. They are sitting in my bag waiting for the moment. It better come soon as I hope to need them a lot this summer!

  • Powder and eyeshadow

Two random pieces of makeup.

  • Vaseline

My lips were really dry this week so I have been going nowhere without some Vaseline.

  • Wallet

The one constant in any bag I go out with. I have had this wallet about 5 years. I love it. I have a beautiful new one my sister got me for Christmas a few years ago but it is so beautiful I cannot bring myself to use it (especially if it was to wind up being flung into a bag with broken biscuits!)

  • My phone goes in if I’m going out but it was used to take picture.

I’m pretty sure that is a proper, full on Mammy handbag.  Of course if I am going on a night out this bag stays in.  I have a lovely GUESS bag which is my bag of choice most times I am going out (although I do have half a wardrobe full of bags most of which I don’t use any more!).

If you want to see what is in other bloggers bag (probably way more exciting and much neater than mine) then go and check out all the other links in Sara’s linky.

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