When was taking a photo so hard?

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My lovely little boy (3) got a passport when he was a baby. It was valid 3 years and expired last September. With hopeful plans to leave the country in 2013 we thought it a good idea to get a new one before the rush.  As the 5th child passport to apply for I quickly filled out the necessary paperwork and cooly headed off to get the passport photos.

New Canon 5D Mark II, $2,700, 21.1 Megapixels, Full Frame Sensor, Anti Dust Technology, Shoots HD Video
Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC

I could not have predicted what unfolded. TOTAL non co-operation. Maybe I need to contact the passport office and ask if they will accept a photo of the top of his head? Or one with his hands covering his face? I swear its him!

Having left the shop with no photo I headed for a walk to the other shops I needed to go before heading back for a second attempt with a new strategy! Bribe him with chocolate! (Original!)

Despite all attempts nothing worked. The shop assistant politely suggested I try to take it at home! Translated as “please get out now” 🙂

So unless I can think of something soon – could I prise his eyes open while asleep? – the poor Learner Mama family might not be leaving Ireland this year 🙁

All suggestions gratefully accepted!

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