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I finished work yesterday.  If you missed it I am going on two weeks annual leave and not returning as I am taking a year off.  Since my first child was born I have always after my maternity leave returned to full time work.  I am a WIPE – Working in Paid Employment.  This is a term I have adopted from a poster on www.magicmum.com who coined the term.  I like it.

But now I am WIPE’d out!

Self Portrait As A Stressed-Out Bride To Be
BrittneyBush / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


Life working full time in an office over an hours commute away and with three young kid who are split between school and creche with an aupair for good measure is hard.  I am not enjoying it anymore.  I had requested part time hours but it couldn’t be facilitated – it was all or nothing and I have now chosen nothing.  Maybe someday I will get the worklife balance right.  Having spent the last 9 months with the balance tipped towards the work, I am changing the balance in favour of the life!

Roll on my career break and my new life as a Stay at home mum! WIPE becomes SAHM!

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