A near miss

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My 2 year old comes with me on many school runs. Up until recently she was strapped safely in her buggy as I walk the 7-8 mins. Now as she is a little older she prefers to go on her scooter. She is very confident on it (maybe too confident at times).

Today she wasn’t in pre-school so she was on all the school runs. Part of the school run involves walking beside a relatively busy road. On the way home from the first pick up from school I was chatting with my son and my little lady scooted a meter or two ahead of me. She obviously took her eye off the ball for a moment (as did Mammy) and verred left. The left wheel of the scooter caught the edge of the footpath and she ended up on the road.

I jumped straight out to get her but we were blessed that there wasn’t a car in sight all the way down the road. I had her back on the path within about 3 seconds but we both got a fright and little lady cried her eyes out. I could feel myself shaking but just gave her a big hug. She got back on the scooter and we made it home in one piece.


For the second school run she was strapped securely in her buggy and fell fast asleep none the worse for wear. Mammy on the other hand can’t help thinking what might of been had a single car been coming. Someone was looking over us.

I know there is no point dwelling on it. We got lucky. We need to be extra careful from now on. Another motherhood lesson learnt.


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