When tiredness bites (literally)

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So reality struck with a bang earlier this month.  So far in my kids’ school careers they have returned after the Summer break on a Thursday.  I like that.  It allows a gradual easing back to reality.  This year, however, we returned on a Monday.  I would have happily returned on the previous Thursday just to avoid having to start on a Monday.  The week loomed large in front of us.

We hit Monday morning with gusto.  My littlest lady was not starting her ECCE pre-school year until Tuesday so she had the day off with me and my husband was working from home so it all went pretty well for the first half of the day.

Everyone was tired after school, so when the first meltdown hit during my older daughter’s homework I knew this was going to be a LOOONNGGG week.


Tuesday saw my baby head off to Montessori.  It wasn’t really a big deal as she was already going 3 mornings a week but we made a bit of a fuss as she is now in her first formal bit of education, preparing for her big step next year.  I’m already emotional thinking about it but it’s so far away now I’m parking it.

By Wednesday things were getting a bit frazzled post 3pm, with multiple meltdowns being clocked up.

By Thursday I decided that the younger two needed new scooters.  They both used to scoot on the school run but both scooters had met their end and were binned during the summer.  I was certain a scooter would help them not get so tired walking.

I headed to Smyths Toy Superstore.  In hindsight heading to a toy shop with tired, frazzled children is probably not my best parenting move.  It was disastrous.

My baby girl threw a complete wobbler about not getting something and as I took her hand to lead her away she bit my arm.  This is totally out of character for her.  She did have the common biting phase as a young toddler old but she is nearly four.  I wanted to cry but decided getting the hell out of there would be the best course of action.  I paid, all the while my daughter screaming and thrashing about.  I wished the ground would swallow me up.

Eventually we got out when I realised in the mayhem they double charged me one item.  I had to go back in.  As I approached the Customer Service desk I couldn’t see my little man.  That moment of panic set in as I wondered did he not catch me say I needed to go back in so I ran back out the door.  He was nowhere to be seen.  It felt like an age (but was probably about 5 seconds in total) until he followed me out of Smyths wondering why we had gone back out when we had only just gone back in.

He had followed me back in, but wandered over to the DS games right beside the customer service desk and I didn’t turn that direction to look for him.  We finally got sorted and I got out of there.  I still had another shop to go to but at least I had my two new scooters.

spiderman scooter elsa frozen scooterImages: Smythstoys.com


By the time I was on the way home it was carnage.  I had to pull in before I even got home to calm everyone down in the car (not least myself).  Everyone was over-tired and emotional.

If the day had a silver lining it was that it was my wedding anniversary and we had agreed to get a takeaway and have a bottle of prosecco.  If ever there was a day I needed it!

Here’s hoping the rest of the school year is calmer.




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