A (cheap) summer treat Lidl style

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The sound of the ice cream van makes my kids ears prick up.  Next question: “Mammy can we get an ice cream?”

On a (rare) sunny day that is fine. But any run of fine weather and the costs add up. There wouldn’t be much change from €10. As school summer holidays approach I am looking at ways of avoiding regular requests for ice-cream van visits.

I shop in Lidl and I had the pleasure (read pain) of doing my weekly shop with all three kids last Friday as their school was closed due to local elections going on. Having three kids is usually a recipe for disaster but one ingenious suggestion from my daughter was to buy a box of ice-cream cones.

Of course that meant we needed to buy ice-cream but at €1.49 for 21 cones and €1.45 for a 2 litre tub of vanilla soft scoop ice-cream I hope to get 21 treats for the kids (7 each) for €0.15 each. I am not sure if the 2l tub of ice-cream will do 21 cones but we will see. Even if I need to buy a second tub the cost per treat would remain low at €0.20.


To add a little decoration I went to my treat cupboard. I had some mini packets of jellies and mini wafer biscuit bars so I broke the wafer biscuit bar into two fingers to create a ’99’ effect and sprinkled some jellies on top. To add the cost of the decoration, the wafer bars were €1.99 for a packet of about 20 and the packet of Party mix jellies were €2.69 for about 30 in a bag. I used 1.5 wafer bars and half a packet of the mini fruit jellies. Total cost of €0.20 for the three (€0.07 each).

Three very happy kids yesterday as they munched their way through their after school treat. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some sunny days to experiment some more during the summer. Rather than get change from a tenner I will get change from a euro coin!!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to write this post. All ingredients were purchased as part of my weekly shop in Lidl, Swords, Co. Dublin.


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