Claudi & Fin lollies hit Irish shores and we got to try them [Review]

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A brand of lollies, popular in the UK, is hitting Irish stores Supervalu and Centra this month. Claudi & Fin is the brain child of Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe, who developed the brand when they struggled to find healthy treats for their respective children Claudi and Fin (who clearly lent their names to the product).

The frozen yogurt lollies, which come in either Mango or Strawberry flavour, contain:

  • Real Fruit
  • Whole milk
  • Greek style yoghurt containing calcium, potassium and zinc
  • 30% of a child’s recommend daily intake of Vitamin D

Claudi & Fin market themselves on the fact that they contain “zero nasties”.  According to the product literature they contain less sugar than 75% of lollies on the market today and with over 10% real fruit they make them much more appealing for parents who want to give their child a treat.  Being high in vitamin D is a great selling point too as this is an important vitamin both during pregnancy and early childhood.

We were lucky enough to be sent a generous batch of samples which arrived at breakfast time much to the delight of my three children who insisted that as they were healthy they could of course sample them before they headed off to school!

Claudi + Fin

They are big fans of anything strawberry, whether the actual fruit or anything with strawberry flavour so they all gravitated to trying that one first.  My older two devoured the strawberry one, my youngest ate half and decided she wanted to try the “orange” one (I haven’t told her they are Mango) which of course resulted in the other two deciding it would be rude not to sample both flavours.

I was weary of the Mango flavoured one as Mango is something I personally don’t like and as a result have not really had in the house or pushed on my kids.  My two oldest who devoured the strawberry one were not so keen on the Mango flavour and my youngest who left half her strawberry one, devoured the Mango one!  I guess it is just a matter of taste.

For me, I polished off the unfinished strawberry one and I have to say it was delicious!  Very smooth and creamy.

My freezer only had so much room so I took a few of my samples in my freezer bag on a coffee morning I was going to with some of my daughter’s friends mums and handed them out.  I’m dying to hear how they liked them too.

I really liked the packaging.  A very cute and attractive logo.  I loved how one of the boxes had a note to say the actual lollies did not have eyes (like the logo did!).  There was also very clear ingredients listing and product information.

A box of four lollies is priced at €3.50 which if I am honest is probably at the upper end of what I would pay.  That said they are a premium product and you are paying for the quality of ingredients while ensuring that your child is not consuming sugar laden treats.

They are not something you are going to be giving to your kids every day but as an occassional treat they are fantastic.

If you want further information on these lollies and the company behind them then check out the Claudi & Fin website

Disclaimer: I received a supply of Claudi and Fin lollies for the purposes of review.  I was not otherwise paid for this post.  All views are my own (and my kids).

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