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As might be a little obvious from my string of posts I am a c-section mum. All three of my kids entered the world in the same fashion. Having grappled with my emotions about the lack of ability to acheive a much desired normal delivery I have now wholeheartedly embraced my status as a c-section mother. And why not. There is nothing to be ashamed about. I grew my little babies and nurished them for 9 months and did what every other mother does and goes through whatever is necessary to deliver them safely into this world. I am blessed to have the three of them here healthy and happy.

During my journey of acceptance of my c-section mother status I came across a link which I shared in a previous post. A lovely post about cesearean courage. Within this post there is an image by Amy Swagman (Haderer) entitled First Kiss – representing the first kiss c-section mothers get with their newborn baby. I fell in love with it. It is a mandala made by Amy who is behind Mandala Journey I hemmed and hawed for months about buying one and eventually earlier this month ordered one.

It arrived the other day and I am so excited about getting it framed and put in a special place on my wall.



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