Getting away from it all at Lusty Beg Island [Review]

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These past few months have been some of the toughest of my life.  Losing my Mum was horrendous in every way you could imagine.  With reserves used up even getting up to do school runs, keep on top of laundry and keep everyone fed was a challenge.  I have been in survival mode.

When one of my favourite bloggers, Sinead from, asked if I would like to join her on a girlie-blogger trip to check out Lusty Beg Island resort I immediately jumped at it!

My next question was ‘Where is Lusty Beg Island?’ ¬†I admit I had never even heard of the place but a quick bit of research and I realised it was in Co Fermanagh, not far from Enniskillen, in a place called Boa Island, and it looked AMAZING!

How could this perfect getaway spot have been kept from me all this time?!

So on a sunny July Saturday I handed over the kids to Daddy and hit the road. ¬†It was over 2.5 hours to get there but to be honest driving without any kids and just singing along to the radio to my heart’s content was actually pure bliss!

Before I knew it I had arrived at the ferry point at Lusty Beg.  Yes, you read that right, a ferry point.  There is a very short journey across the water in the two-car ferry, which was such fun and only added to the feeling of getting away.

How did it all go?

Accommodation at Lusty Beg Island

After disembarking the ferry I followed the ferry man’s instructions towards reception where I was quickly and efficiently checked in. ¬†I was directed to my accommodation, one of the resorts 4* Inish lodges, which was to be home for two nights to myself and my fabulous blogger buddies Sinead from Bumbles of Rice and Sadhbh from Where wishes come from (make sure to check out their blogs too, they are fabulous).

The lodge was, without exaggerating, out of this world.  The style was log cabin overlooking the lake but with all the modern comforts and conveniences you could ask for (although wi-fi is only available in the main reception area).

Inish Lodge

The lounge area was comfortable with plenty of seating, a full range of TV stations as well as a log fire.  Though the fire was not required for us I could imagine it bringing such warmth and coziness to an evening with family or friends.  There is a fire pack provided should the need arise.

The kitchen was galley style but had more than expected from a self catering unit including dishwasher and washing machine.  The array of glassware even included prosecco glasses. Enough said.  Just as well a bottle of prosecco was packed.  It would have been rude not to have had a glass on arrival!


There were two bedrooms upstairs, one with a balcony and my very own boudoir downstairs.  The bed was just super comfortable and I woke up on the first morning to pure silence and so I assumed it was the middle of the night.  It was almost 9am!  Just very effective black out curtains and pure tranquility.  Even the birds were quiet and of course no road traffic or over head airplane noise that I would be used to.  So well rested.



There are of course other accommodation options on the island too.  There are the Courtyard rooms and Island Cabins as well as the 3* Lusty Mor and Lusty Boa Chalets.

Food at Lusty Beg Island

While obviously the lodge was well able to allow catering from the simplest of snacks to the most elaborate of meals that could be served at the ample dining table or alfresco on the deck we were treated to our breakfast and dinner in the resort restaurant which is situated in the main building that houses reception.

Dinner was delicious and I enjoyed prawns and steak on the first evening and pate and a chicken burger on the second evening.  No complaints at all about the food and beautifully presented, which I always appreciate as I often eat with my eyes (which are definitely bigger than my stomach!).

Prawn starter at Lusty Beg Island


Steak and chips dinner at Lusty Beg Island

Breakfast was typical self-service buffet. ¬†The sausages were particularly gorgeous but if I was to be picky about anything during my trip (and I found it hard to find anything) I would encourage a close eye on the hot buffet in terms of ensuring adequate stocks of food. ¬†There were things missing on the first morning but there the second so it didn’t detract from my experience and is something that is very minor and easily sorted. ¬†Probably also a fact of my lazy morning coming to breakfast near the end of service!

Activities at Lusty Beg Island

One of the things that struck me the most about Lusty Beg was the diversity in terms of catering to a wide net of guests.

For those looking to totally unwind (like me!) there is the Island Spa which has a wide menu of treatments on offer using the VOYA range of products which are an organic certified range based on hand harvested seaweed from Co Sligo.  I was treated to a truly mind clearing hot stone massage by Sam.  It was stunning.  I came out of the treatment so chilled out and took some time out in the relaxation room.

The Spa also houses a swimming pool and I managed a quick dip.  The water was lovely and the room which houses the pool was really beautiful.

There is also a hot tub, sauna and hair salon on site though I didn’t use them.

For those looking for a little more action there is 4 x 4 driving, clay pigeon shooting, archery, canoeing and power boating to name but a few.  It seemed like the island would be a great spot for team building sessions or corporate style outings.

There was a playground and games room to cater for the family groups and while we were there a wedding was taking place.  I can only imagine the stunning photos with the beautiful surroundings which we got to enjoy as we followed the nature trail that snakes around the island.

So, the million dollar question, would I go back?  Hell yes!  I would love to bring the husband and kids up some day but due to the distance from my particular location I would go for a slightly longer stay.

If you want to find out more about Lusty Beg Island check them out online and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Lusty Beg Island for the purposes of review however I was not paid to write the post and as always all opinions are my own.  Many thanks to the staff of Lusty Beg, Rachel Dalton Communications and my blogger roomies Sinead and Sadhbh.




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